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Bocciofila Pro Ticino Zurigo from 1937

Bocce : a challenging and bonding sport

Boccia is alive and kicking! This sport is going through a real revival and increasing interest, due to its nature.

It requires a good physical condition and fosters new friendships and networking, not only those "on line".

Those who have some talent, can win big.

Founded at the Restaurant" Sonne " in Zurich in 1937, our Boccia Club has a long story of events and victories.

Just an example : on November 3rd, 2013 our Bocciofila Pro Ticino di Zurigo has won for the second time in a row the title of "Best Boccia Club of Switzerland" and its player, Antonio Di Vicino, the title of best Swiss player !

The new Bocciodromo was inaugurated in 1996 at the Letzigrund Stadium. A fantastic location! We have 4 lanes (all covered)and a well-known Restaurant that hosts 250 guests.

Come and see us ! You are very welcome.

At our club, it is possible to organize tournaments among friends and learn to play bocce. Our champions will be glad to
give you lessons for free thanks to our Boccia Academy At the end of every lesson, a pizza will be served.

Your teachers are our three young Swiss Champions: Antonio Di Vicino, Giulio Di Benedetto and Alessandro Corbo.

Any interest ? Click on Boccia Academy !


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Arnoldo Quadranti, President

Chlirietstrasse 1, CH-8154 Oberglatt
tel.( +41)044 850 2955
mobile (+41) 079 469 59 25
Email: quadr@bluewin.ch


    Carla Ferrari, President

    Walchestrasse 25, CH-8006 Zurich
    tel. (+41) 044 361 32 51
    mobile (+41) 079 69 31 661
    Email: mediaref@bluewin.ch

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